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Significant progress is being made on The Acts 15 Chronicle

August 2018 – Significant progress is being made on The Acts 15 Chronicle book series.  This will be a major contribution to scholars, pastors, and researchers.  Also after some delays and technical updates, we are again pursuing connections for the Editorial Board.

The website has now attracted 894 visitors from 52 countries without any effort to announce the beta website.  Our efforts to broadcast the site will begin after the Editorial Board has been established.

Hidden Treasures

By respecting the Council they gave us all the criteria which should be observed in all later times that is, to place full faith in the authority of synods confirmed by Peter and his legitimate successors. They say, It has seemed has good to the Holy Spirit and to us; thus, the Council’s decision is the decision of the Holy Spirit himself.
Melchor Cano, 16th Century

A Word From the President

Welcome to The Acts 15 Society’s new website!  Feel free to browse the existing materials such as Visitors or Resources.

Quarterly updates will enhance the site, and those who Join can receive an email notifying you of those changes.  Let us know your interest level by posting on the message boards, as together we can accelerate the research process.

Any help spreading the word to like-minded people would be a blessing.  Perhaps you know of friends, leaders, or authors who might be interested in the Society?

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