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Welcome to the Acts 15 Society

A Word from the President:

The Acts 15 Society has officially launched! The website has moved out of the beta phase, so we will now begin the quarterly announcements. The process of securing the Editorial Board members has begun, to be followed by contacting authors regarding publishing or reprinting their materials into The Acts 15 Chronicle – Volume I. The initial broadcast push will be to announce this site to authors of Acts 15 materials.

The website over the past year attracted 440 visitors from 34 countries without any effort to announce the beta website.

Hidden Treasures

In the Council of Jerusalem, to have questioned the Apostles’ teaching, would have been to deny the faith and to destroy its foundations. … From that sentence (James’ ruling), none could depart, who did not deny Apostolic authority and with it the foundation of the faith and the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so had become an apostate. ... The words spoken there by the Apostles were the words of God, and were owned as such then, as they are owned by us now.
Edward B. Pusey, 1857

A Word From the President

Welcome to The Acts 15 Society’s new website – beta version! Feedback is welcome. While we are finishing the site, feel free to browse the existing materials such as Visitors or Resources.

Monthly updates will enhance the site, and those who Join can receive an email notifying you of those changes. Let us know your interest level by posting on the message boards, as together we can accelerate the research process.

Any help spreading the word to like-minded people would be a blessing. Perhaps you know of friends, leaders, or authors who might be interested in the Society?

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