The size of this tribe – those presently interested in Acts 15 – is increasing!  Many are quite literate per the Scriptures.  They live all across the globe, and they often have leadership influence to some degree per this knowledge of the Word.  Presumably, the historical and contemporary understandings per Acts 15 can be enhanced if not resolved.  We are on a voyage together – discovering together.

Some may be curious about studying the original Jerusalem Council in order to better understand a potential second Jerusalem Council. The leaders at Toward Jerusalem Council II are indeed moving toward a second Jerusalem Council. To grasp the magnitude of an international Council like this, a thorough understanding of the first Jerusalem Council is critical.

Congregations will vary across the globe when implementing their understanding of Acts 15.  Meanwhile, defining and maintaining unity is a theme of Acts 15, so join us in this adventure of unity in the 21st century.  It is an honor for our Society to have a small part in seeing the Body address this passage of Acts 15 and the unity of the Body.  Ultimately, we hope to solve some of the mysteries of Acts 15, providing a platform for congregations to formulate their response to this historic Council.

Jewish people may find themselves curious about how Gentile Christians relate to Israel.  Meanwhile, Gentile Christians from the nations are realizing that they are not Jewish and often become curious about Acts 15, and they may be particularly interested in the Society per potential covenantal obligations.  Messianic Jews will be closely following these developments as their brothers respond to the canonized Council.

The Acts 15 Society has a high value on honoring our fathers and mothers, along with our peers.  The articles and discussion forums are a place for professional and respectful approaches to the subject.  It is often helpful to state what you agree with, instead of only what you disagree with.

Where should visitors start in order to get familiar with the Society?  You may want to see the brief Glossary, but we encourage you to visit the Key Issues page.  Visitors will highly benefit by viewing the Written Works page to find a list of the major works.  You can read about the Benefits of being a member, or read about how to Get Involved.  The Society is free to join.  This allows students globally to benefit from our research.


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