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It is free to join the Society! The following benefits are exclusively available to our members:

  1. Joining will enable you to connect with other members – including researchers, writers, editors, and translators
  2. Members can view and post at the Discussion Forums.
  3. Members have the option to receive a quarterly email notifying when the site has been updated.
  4. Increased publicity, as your contact info can include your skills/accomplishments
  5. Members can participate in our International Awards process for Best Article and Best Forum Quote:

    • Articles relevant to Acts 15
    • In our publication or another
    • Written in the previous year
    • Nominated by members
    • Voted on by members

When you join, you will become a member and a registered user. If you would like to be included in our Society directory, only fields that you want public will be displayed on the website. Only members will have the ability to view our directory, and they must be logged in to view the directory. None of your personal information will ever be sold or abused.

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