The website is free to browse, and the Society is free to join. This allows for students internationally to benefit from our research. To cover our expenses, we rely upon donations since sales of the Chronicle are a break-even endeavor.

We have an open policy regarding finances, so an abbreviated form of our financials will be presented annually. Members can request a more detailed financial statement.


The teaching aspect of The Acts 15 Society and The Acts 15 Chronicle are accountable to the Editorial Board and Tikkun International. The Society and Chronicle are both submitted under Tikkun International regarding finances and character. Tikkun International is a member of the ECFA.

Donation Options

There are various financial opportunities for friends and members of the Society …

  1. Sponsor our efforts to provide free e-books of the Chronicle to seminary libraries or similar collections.  A gift of $50 will provide multiple libraries a free copy.  These funds may also be directed to libraries only able to shelf a hard copy.
  2. A general gift of $50 or more comes with an optional free copy of The Acts 15 Chronicle (e-book or hard copy).  These general gifts help with administrative expenses.
  3. Sponsor the Editorial Board honorariums – total of $2,000 annual goal.
  4. Contact Us related to sponsoring the following projects:
    1. An author’s article research and writing time on an article.
    2. A translator, whether an existing article into English or our English version of the Chronicle into various languages.
    3. A project to publish a significant unpublished historical work.
  5. Supporting general or administrative expenses.

For those writing checks, specify your donation category from the list above and write “The Acts 15 Society” on a separate piece of paper. Make checks payable to Tikkun International, and they can be mailed to PO Box 2997, Gaithersburg, MD 20886-2997.

To give online, proceed to Tikkun International’s website by clicking here. You can note a “Specific Project” to give towards. Specify your donation category in the comments section, and select “The Acts 15 Society” from the drop-down bar.

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